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โหลดโปรแกรมจำลองเสียงเปียโน,kontakt 5 library

Welcome to 8DIO Legacy Piano Series – a collection of deep-sampled world-class pianos.
Our Legacy Piano Series marks the next evolution in hyper-realistic piano sampling – both
in regards to playability, character and expressiveness of the pianos.

The 1969 Steinway (Model D) Concert Grand Piano marks one of the most exquisite piano lines in existence.
The tone is rich, full, yet bright and airy. It has a majestic character, which can blend into anything from classical
piano pieces to rock/pop. It’s not just a good piano – it is a great piano. The specific model we sampled is from
1969, which marks one of the greatest eras of piano engineering. The natural age of the piano has allowed the
soundboard to settle and open up and blossom like great bottle of wine.
We sampled the 1969 Steinway Concert Grand Piano from 6 different stereo microphone perspectives
(Overhead, Keyboard/Player, Dampers, Spot, Ambient & Room), so you can literally dial in any sound
and perspective you want. Whether its the full range of the overheads or the slightly softened mics on
the dampers – where its the more ambient or room perspective or the wide/open sound of the keyboard/player mic.

The 1969 Steinway Concert Grand Piano has a variety of advanced controls (ex. pedal volume,
release trigger volume, EQ, convolution reverbs) and and a visual velocity editor, so you can fully
sculpt the piano to your liking. In addition the piano also comes with 12 custom morph presets
– blending the gorgeous piano with a variety of custom instruments (ex. Eternal Sustains,
Glockenspiels, Assortment of Guitars, Modified Pianos etc).