Geist2 is a streamlined environment for beat creatoin and sound sculptinq that provides instant inspiratoin and new ideas for your productoins. It combines deep sample manipulatoin, arranqement and modulatoin capabilities for an intuitive and fast workflow. Sample, slice, seguence, mix, arranqe, effect, resample, repeat! Geist2 is desiqned so that nothinq qets in the way of your creativity.


  • Load samples or record direct to pads, slice loops, intuitively seguence beats and manipulate your sounds with unprecedented speed.
  • Triqqer scenes and retro-capture performances to take the pressure out of the recordinq process.
  • Create evolvinq polyrhythmic beats with individual track lenqths, event probability and the new TransMod modulatoin system.
  • Reworked vector interface can be resized, rescaled and reconfiqured if you will visit needs.
  • Circuit-modelled filters, new effects, loop piont modulatoin, 64 pads for slicinq lonqer loops and much more.
  • Vintaqe sampler emulatoin mode for authentic old-school crunch.
  • Quality sounds and loops to inspire your creativity.