Native Instruments : Abbey Road 60s Drummer

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Both kits were recorded using only the best period equipment, including the legendary REDD.17 valve mixing desk from 1958, an EMI TG mixing desk introduced in 1967 as well as a valve Studer J37 4 track 1-inch tape machine from 1964.

Each kit was recorded with an array of microphones from the studio’s microphone collection – one of the largest in the world. A selection of classic Neumann, AKG, Sony and STC models were used to record each drum and percussion element from both close range and further away – capturing the legendary ambience of Abbey Road’s Studio Two.

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Kick: 24″ Gretsch Round Badge Kick
Snare 1: 14″ x 5″ Ludwig Jazz Festival Snare
Snare 2: 14″ x 6.5″ Ludwig Mahogany Snare
Hi-hat: Early 60s Zildjian Vintage Hihat
Rack Tom: 13″ Gretsch Round Badge Rack Tom
Floor Tom: 16″ Gretsch Round Badge Floor Tom
Cymbals: Early 60s Zildjian High Crash, Early 60s Zildjian Low Crash, Early 60s Zildjian Ride, Early 60s Zildjian Sizzle


Kick: 22″ Ludwig Hollywood Kick
Snare 1: 14″ x 5″ Ludwig Supra-Phonic 400 Snare
Snare 2: 14″ x 5.5″ Radio King Snare
Hi-hat: Late 60s Zildjian Vintage Hihat
High Rack Tom: 12″ Ludwig Hollywood Rack Tom
Low Rack Tom: 13″ Ludwig Hollywood Rack Tom
Floor Tom: 16″ Ludwig Hollywood Floor Tom
Cymbals: Late 60s Zildjian High Crash, Late 60s Zildjian Low Crash, Late 60s Zildjian Ride, Late 60s Zildjian Sizzle