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Native Instruments : Symphony Essentials (Kontakt)

The SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS – COLLECTION places the power of a full orchestra and top soloists at your fingertips. It offers six professional grade KONTAKT libraries, each played and recorded by some of the world’s finest musicians and audio engineers, and taken from the same recording sessions as our flagship SYMPHONY SERIES. With a range of essential articulations, standardized intuitive interface, and on-board effects they are perfect for basic orchestral composition and pop and electronic production.



SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS instruments are built around the same common intuitive interface design as our SYMPHONY SERIES, allowing quick and easy access to deep expression features such as drum resonance simulation, hundreds of articulations, expressive performance, fast adjustment of dynamic layers, and much more. Effects features are also standardized across the portfolio.


Native Instruments : Symphony Essentials (Kontakt)
Native Instruments : Symphony Essentials (Kontakt)


A versatile set of 18 orchestral percussion instruments, recorded at Studio 22, Budapest. PERCUSSION offers superb range, clarity, and character, with comprehensive articulations, deep sampling, and advanced performance features. PERCUSSION will resonate with orchestral, pop, and electronic composers and producers.


A 60-piece string section recorded at Studio 22, Budapest. STRING ENSEMBLE has a tight, bold, and natural sound, with advanced performance controls for nuance and clarity. With simulated legato, EQ, convolution reverb, filtering ,and compression, STRING ENSEMBLE offers the precise sound and versatility for modern and cinematic scoring.


A 32-piece brass section and top soloists recorded in the prized acoustic space of St Paul’s Church, San Francisco. Featuring up to eight round robins and a range of articulations, BRASS is a flexible and comprehensive set of scoring tools. ENSEMBLE and SOLO sections are distinct libraries, for detailed mixing of grouped sections and soloists, providing a rich characterful sound for any composing task.


A 36-piece woodwind section and top soloists, recorded within the unique acoustic environment of Montclair Presbyterian Church, Oakland. Supplied as distinct SOLO and ENSEMBLE libraries, with up to 96 articulations these formidable KONTAKT instruments unite classic woodwind with contemporary saxophone, offering vivid dynamic recordings for traditional and modern scoring.