Steinberg: Cubase Pro 10.5

จำหน่าย Cubase Pro 10.5 ตัวเต็ม ใช้งานได้ตลอดชีพ เวอร์ชั่นนี้สามารถใช้งาน Media Bay ได้ปกติครับ
* ราคานี้ไม่รวม GrooveAgent 5, Halion 6 โดยสามารถซื้อเพิ่มได้โปรแกรมละ 300 บาท หรือซื้อยกเซ็ต 3 ตัว 1200 บาทครับ

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ขาย Cubase Pro 10.5

Powerful new features make version 10.5 the most incredible Cubase yet.

  • Spectral Comparison EQ — Take advantage of everything Cubase has to offer and mix with your eyes. The Spectral Comparison EQ gives you excellent visual feedback that helps you identify and eliminate frequency collisions and resonances. It’s a difference you can see and hear.
  • Import Tracks From Project — Cubase now easily imports audio and other data from other saved projects on your PC for easier template creation and transfer of information. With Cubase Pro 10.5, exchanging data between projects is easier so you can focus on what matters — working.
  • Combine Select Tools Mode — Using the same few tools to edit multiple tracks? Combine Select Tools Mode combines selection tools for objects and ranges in a single powerful feature. You can apply multiple parameters at once, no tool switching required.
  • Colorized Mixer Channels — Who likes a cluttered workflow? In the newest version of Cubase, you can assign a color to your mixer channels. This organization tool quickly and painlessly declutters your workflow. With Colorized Mixer Channels you will intuitively find the tracks you are looking for.
  • Video Export Render — Cubase 10.5 lets your render videos as MP4 files complete with 16-bit stereo audio. This major upgrade eliminates the hassle of having to use a separate piece of software to export your video projects. Mix, master, and export all in one place