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Celemony Melodyne Studio 4.2 (Win, Mac)



At last, also with ARA: Melodyne 4.2 and Logic
As of now, Melodyne 4.2 and Logic Pro X 10.4.2 work even faster, more efficiently and in a more user-friendly way together by taking advantage of our ARA interface extension. Good news for all Logic users. Melodyne 4.2 also contains numerous bugfixes and all kinds of other optimizations (also for other ARA and non-ARA DAWs), so we recommend this free update to all our users.

Thanks to ARA, now better integrated: Melodyne and Logic
Thanks to ARA Audio Random Access, Melodyne 4.2 and Logic Pro X 10.4.2 work more closely and efficiently together. Here are the most important workflow advantages in a nutshell.

You can open tracks without transfers: Just load Melodyne as an insert effect, start playback, and the entire track will appear automatically in Melodyne. There is no further need for transfers.

Melodyne follows all changes you make to the track: Melodyne compares itself with the audio track and accurately replicates any lengthening, shortening or movement of regions.

Real copies and ghost copies of regions: When regions are copied, looped or cloned, the Melodyne content behaves accordingly as a real copy or as a ghost copy (loop).

Region-based mixing: Regions edited with Melodyne now support all the Mix functions of the region inspector in Logic: gain, mute and fades.

You can use Melodyne as early as the comping stage: Now you can edit takes with Melodyne before committing yourself to a choice between them, which allows you a more realistic assessment of their respective merits, leading to better results.

The management of transfer files is a thing of the past: Thanks to ARA, it is no longer necessary to worry about transfer files when archiving or sharing projects.