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LiquidSonics Reverberate 2 (Win)



Reverberate 2
Reverberate 2 is a modulated true-stereo hybrid convolution reverb audio processor for Mac and PC. Using a unique mix of advanced signal processing technology it creates a unique rich and dynamic reverb with unrivalled sonic capabilities.

Introducing Fusion-IR
Reverberate 2 introduces Fusion-IR, an innovative approach to convolution reverb creating a lively, organic reverberation that is impossible to achieve with traditional static convolution.

Fusion-IR processing captures the evolving character of time-varying reverbs using multiple true-stereo reverb streams that are processed simultaneously. The inputs to the convolution streams are modulated and the outputs fused into a rich, captivating space that mixes effortlessly with your music.

Fusion-IRs contain separately sampled early and late reverb components for a level of mix control never before found in convolution reverbs or sample packs.

Creative Convolution
By using a modulated mix of two separately controllable true stereo or Fusion-IRs incredibly musical and convincing reverbs are possible far surpassing traditional convolution plugins.

Further modulation is possible using post-processing effects including an all-pass interpolator chorus, modulated delay, modulated EQ and separately controllable early / late reverb pitch modulators.

Dual True Stereo and Fusion-IR Reverb Processors

The dual reverb processor manipulation views (IR1 and IR2) provide the opportunity to run multiple reverbs at the same time using different impulse response modes (true-stereo, Fusion-IR and synthetic IR).

Extensive Modulation

In addition to the revolutionary Fusion-IR modulation possibilities supplementary early and late pitch modulation parameters allow subtle pitch variations on both the early or late reverb components. These are dependent on a user definable split position for static impulse responses or are applied directly to the independently sampled head and tail in a Fusion-IR. Split early/late pitch modulation can provide a spin and wander modulation effect to the early and late components of a reverb.

Comprehensive Effects

Pre-convolution effects include dedicated time-varying equalisers to control how an EQ develops as a reverb tail progresses.

Post-convolution effects can be used to increase the motion within a reverb. Delay and chorus can be applied to IR1, IR2 and the master chains independently, and a modulated EQ runs on the master.

Flexible Mixing and Routing

The final mix page where panning, gain and mix modulation can be applied is shown along with the advanced sample browser which provides control over all loaded impulse responses.