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Slate Digital | kiloHearts Toolbox Ultimate (Win)

28 World-Class Plugins. A Customizable Multiband Processor.
An Endless World of Effects.



Make your sounds leap out of a mix and add new life to your tracks. The Kilohearts Dynamics module is the secret sauce for high-energy, in-your-face mixes. Give your music new energy by adding extreme Upward & Downward Compression as well as massive audio Expansion. Whether you’re dialing in your own settings or choosing from our easy-to-use presets, take complete control over your dynamic range & give your tracks the energy and drama they’ve been waiting for.

KiloHearts is a suite of 28 creative plugins, including Snap Heap and Multipass. Multipass is a customizable Multiband Processor that allows you to create incredible custom Multiband FX by utilizing all of the KiloHearts plugins like Compressors, Saturators, Transient Designers, Delays, Reverbs, and even modulation tools and creative tools like Trance Gates, formant filters and more. Snap Heap allows you to create custom serial and parallel effects chains also utilizing the same KiloHearts plugins.

SnapHeap is a customizable multi-effects processor that allows you to create amazing FX chains with serial or parallel routing options for virtually endless sonic possibilities. Chain together any combination of over twenty modules like Compressors, Saturators, Transient Designers, Delays, Reverbs, and even creative modulation tools.